When you go for dog sledding, you have to pay attention to these things:

Dog’s might bite you

Of course, not all dogs are kind. There are times that they are cruel to some people they dislike. So when you approach dogs, be very careful with your actions especially that they do not know you.

Warm yourself

when you go for a dog touring in the winter time, bring clothes as much as you need during the winter, otherwise, you will not be healthy on your journey and you will not enjoy your day.

Eye Protection

You must be very careful with all the things that may drop on your eyes, snow and dirt may come into your eyes because the dogs are kicking and snow is thrown backwards. In summer time, you must wear sunglasses that protects you from the sun.


The surfaces are not all smooth. There are surfaces that are bumpy and smooth. Sometimes the season may cause this concern. In other words, there is a possibility that you will stumble. Be very careful of this.

When you are sick

Do not go for this kind of recreation if you are sick. It is better to take care of your health first rather than attending such but become worst. This is strongly advisable. In case of pregnant women, no woman would risk the life of their baby for the sake of sled riding. Ride a horse drawn wagon and you will be safe.


If you are holding a gadget like camera, you have to hold it tightly so it won’t fall.

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